We desire our lives to be
weighted by His glory
compelled by His love
inspired by His beauty

The Watershed Fellowship is all about Glory, Love and Beauty. Naturally, we long for personal glory, to be loved no matter what the cost and to make our mark on the world. By God's grace he transforms our self-centered desires into lives weighted with His Glory, compelled by Christ's love and inspired by His Beauty. 

Since there are already many wonderful churches promoting the gospel in Lexington, we want to partner with them and not compete or simply replicate them. Our approach is geared toward those who love their non-churchgoing friends; therefore, we have chosen to be conversational, comprehendible and missional in all that we do. 

Conversational in that we want to listen to God and to each other, so that we really get to know one another. Comprehendible, so that everyone understands why we do what we do. Missional in that we are joining Jesus in communicating His good news in word and deed to our community. Our approach requires us to always be centralized in the community.