Kevin Thumpston

Watershed Fellowship Lead Pastor

Coordinator of Church Planting           (Palmetto Presbytery MNA)


What do you do at The Watershed Fellowship?

As the pastor, I spend my time praying over and strategizing with Jesus and the leaders on how to nurture The Watershed Fellowship. I study a good bit to prepare for our gatherings and other teaching/equipping opportunities. I have many conversations with men, women and children about what matters most. I try to model gospel participation and partnership from day to day in the community. 


I have been lovingly married to Andrea for 21 years, and we have three children: Andrew (13), Ally (12) and Emma (11). 

What do you do in your free time?

I enjoy playing with my family, outdoors, good books, writing, watching movies, swimming and traveling.

Where are you from and what school did you attend?

I grew up in Greenville, SC, where I was in the pool most of the time. I did my bachelors in Psychology/Business at USC (Columbia, SC), and my Masters of Divinity at  Covenant Theological Seminary (St. Louis, MO). I met Andrea at USC, and we got married in her hometown (Aiken, SC).

Two Truths and a lie about yourself?

I swam in the Olympics | I like vegetables | I am an avid Mac user

Favorite place and entertainment?

My Favorite Place is Lower Slater in the Cotswolds of England. 
My Favorite Meal is meat & potato pie, a cold lager and chocolate cake. 
TV Shows I waste time watching - Sporting Events, Home Renovation, Documentaries, Modern Family. 

Movies that I have enjoyed - J.R. Tolkien’s Trilogy, Sideways, Rudy, Wit, Brave Heart, Little Miss Sunshine, A Beautiful Mind, Jackie Chan flicks, Shawshank’s Redemption, Band of Brothers, Fisher King, Schindler’s List, Jane Austin movies (Yes, I am man enough to admit it.), Instinct, Dead Poet’s Society, Matrix I. 

Periodicals that I peruse - “Critique”, “Writer’s”, “Inc.”, “Wired”. 

Websites:  Fast Company, Ransom Fellowship, Paste, Relief

Music - I grew up on the radio and like any kind of music really, but I enjoy- Jazz, Celtic Folk, R&B, Classic Rock, Ska 

Some Favorite Artists - REM, U2, Boston, Phil Keaggy, Mark Williams (a friend), Counting Crows, Squeeze, James Taylor, Rich Mullins, Blues Brothers, Dave Matthews Band, Edwin McCain (a friend), Michael Card, Jimmy Buffet, Eric Clapton, Indelible Grace, Pie Tasters, and Christa Wells.