There are three important ways that you can support the ministry of Watershed Fellowship: Pray, Experience, and Give. 


The spiritual nature of our endeavor requires eternal resources. These resources are only acquired through prayer. We need people to have an ongoing conversation with God about The Watershed Fellowship. It is through your prayers that all the known and unknown needs of Lexington and the surrounding area will be met in Christ. If prayer is neglected in the life of our fellowship, it will only grow to the extent of its members’ fleshly efforts.  The leaders and members must constantly be wrestling in prayer as Jacob wrestled with God crying out, “I will not let you go until you bless us.” When Jesus showed the harvest fields to the disciples, he didn't tell them to “go get em?”  No!  He said, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Pray that the Lord of the Harvest may send out workers.”  It is interesting that the ones used by God were the ones who prayed.  Prayer is a non-negotiable in the work of the kingdom, because it is the work of the kingdom.



Come experience what God is up to at The Watershed Fellowship. We welcome you to attend as often as you like or to roll up your sleeves and serve alongside us as a member. If you are a member of another church, we welcome you to visit but not to simply double dip. We would ask that you bring along those who are not involved in a local fellowship that they may join in our ongoing conversation



A reasonable financial goal for The Watershed Fellowship is to be a completely self-sustaining church by year four. We have five means of support. We receive funding from Palmetto Presbytery (our regional affiliation), Lexington Presbyterian Church (our sending church), Partnering Churches, Members of The Watershed Fellowship, and Outside Donors (that’s you). The funds will go toward staffing strategic leaders, ministry expenses, promotional needs, administrative costs and facilities. If you would like to be a financial partner, you can give on-line (secured) by clicking on the donate button below, by emailing Kevin Thumpston at or by sending checks payable "The Watershed Fellowship" to our address:

The Watershed Fellowship
711 E. Main Street, Suite S
Lexington, SC 29072